Courses for Children

Courses for Children

Courses for Children:

Nowadays, many Muslim brothers and sisters are living in countries where Islam is not a primary religion. In those countries, the need to teach the Quran to children arises but its quite difficult to find a good teacher to teach them the Quran. Quran-class and Courses for Children resolve this problem in a fine way.

Parents can also watch the classes without disturbing both the kid and the teacher. The ease of flexible timings, that is, classes can be arranged after mutual opinion between teacher and parents.

Our academy offers courses like, Memorize Quran online, online classes with tajweed, 

so come and Learn Quran Online with us to teach your child the basic teaching of Islam.

Courses for Children Outline:

The content of this course has been adopted and designed for kids while keeping into consideration the specific needs and requirements of Western Muslims. By the end of this course, your kid will learn about many Islamic subjects including:

  • Holy Quran Memorization Course for Kids

  • Quran with Tajweed-o-Tarteel
  • Salaat and Dua for Childs Course
  • Sirat-An-Nabi Course for Childs
  • Quran for Kids Course
  • Qaida for Beginners Course
  • Islam for Kids Course

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Quran Memorization for Kids


Salaat and Dua Course for Kids


Learn Quran for Kids


Qaida for Beginners Course Kids


Islam for Kids Course

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