French Language Course

French Language Course

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    French Language Course | Quran Class Learn online

    French Language Course is designed to develop students French Language Listening, Writing and Speaking Skills. Through our courses the students become master in French language. You May also Enroll Chinese Language Course and Persian Language Course with Free Trial Class. Register Now for 3 Days Free Trial Class. Check here Courses Pricing Plan. Our courses consist of three main Parts as mentioned below
    1. Beginners
    2. Advanced
    3. Business level
    Course Outline is here

    Part 1:

    Greeting Words (Formal/Informal)

    Part 2: Grammar: Numbers (Singular, Dual, and Plural), Genders (Masculine / Feminine) Part 3: Make Sentence Part 4: Grammar: Past, Present and Future Tense Part 5: Story or Essay written in your words.
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