Quran Translation Course for Females

Quran Translation Course for Females

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    Quran Translation Course for Females | Quran Class

    In our online Holy Quran with Translation, Students are taught how they can translate the Holy Quran into their own language. This course is especially designed for those people who want to read the Holy Quran. But they are also interested in understanding what is written in this Divine Book. At the end of the online Quran Tarjuma Tafseer course. The students will be able to translate the verses of the Holy Quran into their own language. You can also learn online Quran with Urdu translation or any other language if you want. After Joining this Course Holy Quran with Translation you will also be able to read and understand the Quraan Sharif properly, Moreover, you must enroll yourself in "Holy Quran with Translation". Our tutors will indeed tell you the meaning of every Arabic word in Urdu, English, and any other language. Besides the translation course, In case you want to join here. Islamic Courses for AdultsIslamic Courses for FemalesOnline Tuition ClassesQuran classIslamic courseQuran class online, and Online Language Courses with 3 Days Free Trial Class. Register Now for 3 days Trial Class The course outline is given below

    Part 1:

    In the beginning, the Tutor daily tells you the meaning of a few words.

    Part 2:

    In the next stage, Tutor describes the meaning of every verse word by word.

    Part 3:

    In the advanced stage of this course, you will understand the contextual meaning of the Quran verses.

    Part 4:

    At the end-stage, we make sure that you will be able to translate the Quranic Verses itself properly.  
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