We have highly educated and focused teachers and tutors at Quran-class because we care for the future of our Muslim kids. Moreover, teaching the Quran is a very big responsibility because this duty was performed by the prophets and sahaba. To transfer the words of the Quran and Islamic teaching to your kids, in particular, the tutor must be very knowledgeable, experienced, prompt, and well informed according to the teaching of Islam.

Quran teachers with necessary qualifications are the priority of the Quran-class. We have both male and female teachers from Pakistan, UK, and USA. They can deliver lectures in English, Urdu, pashto and Arabic. Your children will love reading the Holy Quran with the Quran-class.

Qualification Of Our Online Quran Teachers:

The selection procedure of our online Quran teacher is as follow

1) He must have graduated from a certified University or Institute.
2) He must be Hafiz, Alim, Qari, and also have deep knowledge of tajweed.
3) Must be trained for a month at Quran-class.
4) He must have experience in the online teaching of at least one year.
5) He must be of good character.