Refund Policy for Quran-Class

Refund Policy Rules:

In our Online Quran Academy, the customer’s money is returned adequately, given the terms and conditions. We have an authorized refund policy which is based on the legal conditions. The rules that are set by us are also highlighted here on our page.

Our Online Quran Academy feels like it is our duty to make sure the client is well aware of all our terms and conditions. Our Client’s trust is our priority, which we manage to keep up.

The terms and conditions involved in our Refund Policy are as follows

  • We provide trial classes. These trial classes are without any charges. However, the monthly charges are added to the student once the trial classes are finished.
  • Attending even one of the classes of the particular course will exclude the student of any refund.
  • There are several areas where the refund fee is deducted.
    An additional amount will be refunded to the student if the classes are not being held due to any issue from our end.
  • The student has the full authority to cease his or her session.
    In case the student ceases his or her session, the credits of that course are forward to the next month automatically.
  • If the refund cost is more than the fee, there will be no refund.
  • As we have an advance payment rule. So if no contact has been started off by a tutor then within two weeks of the booking being placed. The contract will be canceled and also students will receive a full refund amount.
  • The students have the right to cancel the booking within 15 days, after that they will not be able to receive the refund amount.
  • After 15 days of the booking being made, no refund will be available